‘I Ride Therefore I Dream’ – Looking For Meaning in Dream Signals


Dreams aren’t as random as you think they are. They are an artistic impression of something within you. An expression of your inner artist. And it’s up to you to interpret the paintings you paint with your eyes closed.

This is basically an interpretation of a dream I had back in December. Dreams have always been forms of communication from your spirit guides and higher mind guiding you to look at different aspects of yourself that need your attention. They may come in the form of objects or people that represent something important to you and they almost always have meanings laced behind them no matter how other-worldly they seem. This is because on that level they are not bound by the fields of space or time so rigidly as physical reality. They in a sense reveal your point of attraction and where you’re at on certain issues vibrationally. They may explore your need for action like saying something to someone or tying up loose ends and essentially represent a desire for completion in physical reality. 


I don’t often have afternoon naps but when I do these days, it seems I get my life threatened.

I’ll explain. As I was taking a really comfortable nap I found myself in this dream. I was seated in this bus with 2 friends of mine. One was an old friend, a girl and another a guy, someone whom I was never even close to.

My turn came to leave the bus and I told them to take care.

I walked across the street, where I had parked my motorbike so I walked over to start it and ride home. As I was about to insert my key I realised the bike was in pieces. Well, not all of it, but it was missing its headlights and parts were all over the floor along with tools.

I bent over to pick them up as if with a sudden realization that I had taken it apart and forgotten to put them back. As I was stooped on the floor, I felt a presence next to me. I looked to my left and I could have sworn the colour left my skin.

I had a pair of stainless steel scissors pointed at my neck. I looked up at a man pointing them at me. It was a large guy with long hair tied into a bun with another pair of scissors holding it in place. (I had seen this guy in a previous dream before though in a slightly different from, a repetitive figure)

I stared at the pointed tip as he asked me, “Are you gonna move your stuff away?”

In my panic I said “Ya of course” fearing I was going to get stabbed in the neck. He then paused for a moment and looked at me as if I misunderstood what he said and tilted the sharp edge down. He then said, “I’m not trying to threaten you.”

I can’t remember if there was much that happened after that but I woke up soon after.

I woke up to a strange feeling before I realised I had the dream. Strangely, there was no confusion as to what most of the dream meant.

The dream was about asking me to be ready. To resolve the things that were holding me back.

The bike

dreams 2

1) You see, I have a strange attachment to my bike. I love riding. Nothing invigorates my spirit the way two wheels do. I always tell my friends how I consider my bike a symbiotic extension of myself and so in this dream the bike was a representation of my physical self. If you look up dream meanings, motorbikes are also representations of freedom, free-spiritedness and the need for adventure.

The Parts on the Floor

2) Like I said before, 2013 has been a difficult year for many. It has been a challenge to exist as the same person without some form of re-evaluation. I am no exception. Everything I have done this year and everyone I have met have somehow revealed the gaps in me.  So I have spent much of my time reflecting on who I am as a person and it has uncovered a lot for me. I told a friend recently, as difficult as this year has been I have seemed to found a kid-like version of myself, free from worry and regret that I seemed to have lost a long time ago. This was only possible through some of the research I had done in uncovering unconscious beliefs that were holding me back (more on that in the future maybe). And these were pivotal in helping me reveal the version of myself who seems closer now to who I truly want to become.

But this process requires self-examination. It requires that you take yourself apart, it requires an examination of the uncomfortable. And it leaves you in pieces and in parts. And you almost get confused as to which point you should let go and say, “This is enough.Time to move on”.

And that I believe represented the pieces that were strewn all over the floor.

The Man

3)This guy with the beard and the hair and the belly… I have no idea who he is, it was probably the second or third time I had seen him, but he’s aggressive. I don’t know if he’s a guide of some sort but as a friend said, I don’t think he’s going to go away till I get certain things done.

The scissors were probably a sign to be alert and I take it his aggressive nature was to shock me into action.

It worked. I woke up and immediately cleaned up my room.

The message was clear though the dream:

‘You’ve found the barriers you need to resolve, you know what’s bothering you. You’ve done as much as you can.

Now put the bike back together. Every part. Fully integrate everything. Get it ready. Switch it on.

It’s time to move. Do it now.

When it is, the road will fall into place and the rest of the things that need to be settled will be.

The curious thing is I’ve had 2 other dreams regarding my bike after this. One involving the handlebars and another involving my bike keys. But I think those were just recurring versions of the same dream.

Essentially, what I’m trying to say is dreams are great tools for revealing things that may be in your blind spot. So if you have a recurring dream or something that you keep avoiding that turns up in your dream it may be a sign for you to stop suppressing it and start dealing with it.