Is Singapore Your Food Haven? – 6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Out Less

Is Singapore Your Food Haven? – 6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Out Less

We’re all familiar with how the world sees Singapore as a food haven. We’re a young society balancing 4 main races and that has given rise to a variety of inherited cultures and naturally an interesting variety of food.

No matter what time of the day it is, you’re bound to be able to get something to fill your stomach. I love that about Singapore. The streets are never really closed and we’ve got some really interesting foods like Chicken Rice, Mee Goreng and Laksa. They’re really easy to find and they’re almost always… cheap.

But here’s my gripe, and it’s not bound to the confines of Singapore. We’re expanding fast in all directions. As of now, there are seven billion people on earth and we’re more inter-connected than ever. You can find a McDonalds or a KFC literally anywhere on the planet and yet we’ve somehow moved so far away from proper nutrition it’s unbelievable.

We’ve made food easy, cheap and appealing to taste buds but nutritionally bankrupt to the body.

What now?

It is what is, and we have to realize there can be only so many alternatives imposed on hawkers and it’ll take time to undo the years of bad available food choices.

So really, the power is in your hands to make the right choice for yourself.

And what this means to me is simply, is that we need to start becoming more comfortable with our kitchens again.

Yes, we’re busier than before working longer hours and the idea of cooking for ourselves may seem absurd. But I’m pretty sure how you feel about yourself is way more important than what your co-workers think about you leaving earlier to cook for your family or coming in later because you were busy cooking. To help you on this journey I’ve written 5 reasons why YOU should eat out less and cook your own food.

 Very Briefly:


Food prices seem to be on the up and up but the portions and the quality never seem to differ. When you cook regularly and buy items in bulk the cost per meal will generally even out. A meal at McDonald’s costs about $7.00 now.  Buying some servings of chicken, vegetables, and rice and dividing them into individual meal servings will certainly give you more bang for your buck and way better positive energy than the McD’s.


food 3I’m not pulling your leg with this one. With all new skills, there is a learning curve, but with time, it’s going to get easier and more fun. And of course  you’ll also learn certain key things in cooking such as not grilling chicken over your hot stove when you’re shirtless. And when you’re in the zone and able to ‘play’ with your ingredients in the kitchen, you’ll be really proud of the meals you cook.


Whatever your fitness goals are, if you’re looking to put on weight or lose it you’ll be able to monitor the way you look and feel simply by adjusting how much you eat. No need to force yourself to finish what’s given to you.


Dr Masaru Emoto studied and documented the effects of thoughts on water in his book, ‘Messages from Water’ He noted how prayers and blessings on water affected the water molecules and took on different shapes! This is interesting to consider when you realize that our bodies are roughly 60% water.

Likewise there is a universal life force (energy) known as ‘Prana’ in Yoga, ‘Chi’ in Chinese culture and ‘Mana’ in Hawaiian culture. This energy that moves through you determines the quality of your life and should thus be observed carefully. There are things you do that make reduce the levels and things that you do that can increase it.

Even cooking food with love improves the Prana that is absorbed into the food.

It’s a wonder why people say that when someone cooks for you with love the food just tastes better. J How much care and concern are some of the hawkers you eat from cooking with?


Is there really a need to explain?

Sexy Cook Teasing


Like I mentioned earlier, the more you’re able to control the elements of your cooking, the more you’re able to control your environment, you’ll be a way better advantage in terms of how you feel and act. The sheer fact that you feel good in your body gives a rise in confidence and that shows in the things that you do.

Sure, it’ll take some time for you to get used to the proper cooking portions you need for yourself and the right cutlery, the right packing materials the logistics of moving your food around. Sure it may seem inconvenient in the beginning, you don’t have to start all out with 3 meals a day, start with packing one meal a day and see how it goes.

And you’re probably wondering, Kavin, is this really worth it? And my answer would be yes! You know why? Cos you’re worth it!

Why you should eat out less!