Work-Life Balance is HUGE factor in determining your employee satisfaction. Keeping organisations fit and happy through Yoga is one of the best ways of creating more Work-Life Balance.

This is why we’ve developed routines for all 3 times of the day right in the comfort of your office!

Sunrise Yoga: Morning exercises designed to invigorate, awaken and focus you to your fresh new day ahead!

Power Lunch Yoga: Starting to feel sluggish? Fret not! This class will help you squeeze in a good work out plus keep you buzzing with energy for the rest of the day.

Happy Hour Yoga: Feeling depleted after a long day? This routine will drop the stress of the day and focus you on the people truly important in your life. Yourself.

What your employees will love about our classes:

  • They’re fun!
  • Improves concentration
  • Greater bonding among colleagues
  • Improved feelings of oneness
  • Improved fitness
  • Getting comfortable with bodies
  • Improved ability to prioritize

To book a trial slot at your organisation call us at +65 8139 5522 or e-mail at